Project Management

Project ManagementMany business owners don’t even realize that they are managing projects all the time. While project
management to many is something big consulting companies do for other big companies, that ideal is just wrong.

Any time you create a product or deliver a service, it is a “project” even though your or your staff are the only ones working on it and it may only be for one client.

It’s the process that is the project and the better the process is managed, the more likely you will make money with it.

Oh, I can see you shaking your head about now, saying that your business does not have projects. Really? Consider a marketing guru who works with plumbers and electricians. When she talks with the tradesman, they decide on what she is going to do for him, right?

Well that is her project, and she needs to manage that project so that the tradesman gets what he expects in the time frame they agreed upon. Now that project has an outcome (the results), a timeline (the due date), and at least one resource (the marketing guru). How well she manages her time on the project will impact the profit she makes from the job.

Many business people also think a project manager is something that is a high-dollar, high-ticket, and you’ve got to be a big business kind of person to afford a projsct manger. Again, this is simply not true. Gary discusses this as well in his interview with David Perdew.

Grab your copy and then enjoy a good read on project management.

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