Mind Mapping

Mind mapping has been a huge benefit for me in my professional and consulting life. From visualizing business startup and growth plans to laying out a product or contest launch mindmaps are an important tool in my business.Mindmapping Business Toolbox

I’ve been using mind maps for a long time. I wish I had found the course that Bob The Teacher has pull together way back then. It would have saved me countless hours. My loss is yur gain though.

Bob has made his Mindmap Anything! course available for no charge to members of the Local Small Business Academy.

Click here to open your world to the benefits of using mind maps. The course is free as is the mind mapping software

Join Bob The Teacher for this free course as he shows you how much easier life and businesscan be when you use mindmapping every day! During his live demonstration course, you’ll discover…

  • What’s the secret to mindmapping successfully and without all the confusion?
  • What makes a good mindmap great, and effective at saving you time?
  • How can mindmapping be used in all areas of your life, not just in business?
  • If you have kids in your family, how introducing them to  mindmapping can boost their grades and enjoyment of school?
  • Watch as Bob demonstrates how to mindmap anything!

Get started today!


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